Thai Cafe

Thai Café is a modest eatery with food that comes with a vast menu of a traditional Thai meals. Serving specialties from Thailand, including curry noodle dishes, & traditional entrees plus vegetarian options in a dynamic, modern setting. The modest strip-mall location doesn’t stop foodies who flock here for authentic, spicy Thai fare. Welcoming, family-ran Thai restaurant serving home-style recipes for casual dining or takeout.


House Special

Pa Ram Long Song

Tender slices of chicken simmered in yellow curry topped with​ peanut sauce over a bed of broccoli.


Cafe Pepper Steak

Tender slices of steak stir-fried  with​ bell peppers, onion in a house special sauce.


Roasted Jumbo Shrimp

Cellophane noodles stir­fried with Napa cabbage,​ mushrooms, celery & ginger topped with  Jumbo Lump  Crab Meat served in a hot clay pot.


Salmon Panang

Grilled Salmon with creamy red curry, steamed broccoli, bell peppers & fresh basil​.


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Heart Of Siam Cuisine

Desserts --------------- $5

Sweet Sticky Rice With Mango
Crispy Banana With Ice Crea
Tapioca Pearls With Coconut Milk

Drinks ---------------- $3

Thai Iced Tea
Thai Iced Coffee